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Filmmaking & Storytelling: The Casey Neistat Approach To Making Movies

Transform the way you tell stories and make movies. In this class, YouTube pioneer Casey Neistat takes you into his studio and teaches you his complete filmmaking process — the same process he’s used to published over 1,000 genre-defining movies. Follow along as he brainstorms, films, and edits 2 brand new movies from start to finish, right in front of you, explaining everything he’s doing and thinking along the way.

What’s included:

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    In-depth video lessons (7h 15m)

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    Step-by-step curriculum

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    Online and at your own pace

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Taught by

Profile picture for Casey Neistat
Groundbreaking filmmaker & YouTube pioneer. Genre-defining vlogger who has published over 1,000 movies with over 3 billion views. Premiered films at Sundance, Cannes, SXSW.
What you’ll learn
Finding Ideas and Stories
Cinematography and Visual Storytelling
The Art of Spontaneous Filmmaking
Shot Selection and Type
Getting the Most Out of Your Gear
Editing, Pacing, and Rhythm
Music and How To Perfectly "Score" a Movie
The Three-Act Structure
Developing Story As You Go
Titles, Text Graphics, and Overlays
Sound Design, Effects, and Audio Editing
Keeping Your Audience Engaged
Reviewing & Polishing Your Work
Developing Your Voice as a Filmmaker

Class Overview

Learn all of Casey Neistat’s filmmaking & storytelling secrets
For the past decade, Casey Neistat has made and posted over a thousand movies online that have been viewed over 3 billions times. He’s pioneered filmmaking on YouTube and is considered by many to be the #1 most influential modern filmmaker. Before YouTube, Casey had a television show on HBO that he wrote, produced, filmed, edited, and starred in. And before that, he produced award-winning feature films that premiered at The Sundance Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, and SXSW. Casey is known for his wide-ranging filmmaking experience and unmatched prolificness — during one of his most prolific periods, he publishing a new movie every day for 800 days in a row. For years, people have wanted to know how Casey does what he does, and for the first time ever, Casey reveals all of his filmmaking secrets in this class. In this class, Casey Neistat teaches you everything he knows about filmmaking & storytelling. During class, Casey brings you into his studio and shares with you his entire creative process from start to finish. You’ll follow along with Casey as he brainstorms, films, and edits two brand new movies completely from scratch, starting from how he finds his initial ideas, all the way through filming, editing, and exporting the final movies. For the first movie of class, Casey focuses heavily on the craft of storytelling. For this movie, Casey challenges himself to film everything on his phone, showing you how he makes movies and tells stories in its purest form, without the crutch of fancy gear. You’ll learn how to find and shape captivating stories, even from the most mundane raw materials. For the second movie of class, Casey dives deep into his full set of filmmaking tools and techniques as he creates a more ambitious film. In this film, he uses a wider range of gear, shooting methods, and narrative techniques to create a more cinematic movie. In the process, you’ll learn Casey’s signature approach to cinematography and visual storytelling. Along the way, Casey explains everything that he’s doing and thinking in detail — every idea, decision, tool, and technique. There’s no where else you can get this level of intimate access to Casey’s brain and process. By the end of the class, you’ll know everything you need to create your own captivating movies. You’ll develop a complete filmmaking & storytelling toolkit that you can use for the rest of your creative life.

Lessons (10)

Apply what you learn

Create your own captivating movies, step by step

In the class, Casey Neistat breaks down his filmmaking & storytelling process into clear, actionable steps. Follow along with Casey’s process step by step and create your own captivating movies. You can also watch Casey’s process in full first and then bring the ideas, tools, and techniques into your own projects. By following Casey Neistat’s proven process, you’ll learn everything you need to create movies like this:

Who’s this class for?

You’re a fan of Casey Neistat and are curious to see what happens behind the scenes. You’re looking for inspiration and access to a world you normally can’t see.


You want to learn exactly how Casey Neistat does what he does. Watch his real, start-to-finish process, including how he navigates every decision, setback, and more.


You want to know all of Casey Neistat’s insider secrets — the exact tools and techniques he uses, his hard-won lessons, and well-guarded industry secrets.

4.67 (876 reviews)
Profile picture for Makaya Loo
Makaya Loo

This is the most useful and valuable advice you can receive in this space. Casey explains his thought process of how to create a story and how to problem solve when it doesn’t go your way. He talks about how to maintain attention span, evoke emotion, keep the flow and tone of the story going. These are all second-nature things that people don't usually teach. So, if you are new to filmmaking… I suggest taking notes.

Profile picture for John Windsor
John Windsor

What I truly loved were all the insights Casey shared, and actually seeing him in the throes of the process, as opposed to just hearing or reading about it — his struggles, the things that lit him up, the way he made things work when it seemed like he might be stymied. It was a deep and inspiring look at Casey's creative process, and how we can shape our own creative endeavors in ways we might not have expected. You could charge double for this and it would still be a bargain. Thank you Studio, and thank you Casey, for creating an incredible learning experience!

Profile picture for Mateo Peña
Mateo Peña

Hell yeah! I loved it, a great course from start to finish. If you are looking for creativity, filmmaking, storytelling, and more, this is the way.

Profile picture for Chris Carroll
Chris Carroll

The time spent having Casey become my mentor and giving a 100% behind-the-scenes view into his process is worth way more than the price of admission. You won’t be disappointed.

Laurens Saggau

Enjoyed every bit of this! Can't wait to put all the learnings into my own work.

Profile picture for Pranesh Luckan
Pranesh Luckan

Getting into Casey's head was amazing. You could see the gears turning almost with every shot!

Dereck Smith

I really enjoyed getting into Casey's mind and understanding his process. I also really enjoyed his careful music selection and the 3-story process of storytelling — I'll incorporate these techniques in my videos.

Profile picture for Henry Chamberlain
Henry Chamberlain

This was inspiring and full of very useful information! Casey Neistat is engaging and fully in his element. I mostly liked how accessible it is and how motivating the whole presentation is.

joshua skovlund

What blew me away is how the format is seemingly non-textbook, but connected with me in a way "textbook" instructions don't. Thanks for an awesome class, amigo!

Profile picture for Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz

Other people have a tendency to complicate things... Casey has the ability to just really keep it simple. He breaks it down for you Barney-style. He makes it easier for you to understand and comprehend storytelling in a way that you're able to grasp it and get better yourself.

Profile picture for Emma Jones
Emma Jones

I liked getting to know the more behind-the-scenes version of Casey that we normally don't see!

Profile picture for Sam Holland
Sam Holland

Seeing how one of the best in the business does it is really valuable!

Profile picture for Matthew Haughey
Matthew Haughey

The class videos of Casey giving advice were really well done, and it was great to see him actually using his tools and giving insight into how he edits things quickly.

Profile picture for Drayton Hill
Drayton Hill

The best part was watching Casey work through his filming & editing processes, the practical work of each, and sharing his inner monologue out loud as he worked.

Profile picture for Tom Lanier
Tom Lanier

I know I've stepped up my game by going through this class.

Profile picture for Nathan Kontny
Nathan Kontny

It was great seeing Casey actually plan, film and edit his videos. That was just what I wanted.

Profile picture for Casey Neistat
Profile picture for Casey Neistat
meet your instructor
Casey Neistat

A trailblazer in online filmmaking, Casey Neistat has created over 1,000 movies that have garnered more than 3 billion views. He creates genre-defining work that has influenced creators for the past decade and earned him acclaim for viral films like "Make It Count" and "Bike Lanes." On his YouTube channel, Casey shares stories from his own life through his unique filmmaking lens, blending the spirit of home movies with over two decades of cinematic expertise.

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The Start-To-Finish Process
Instead of watching surface level tutorials, watch the entire start-to-finish process of a creator to uncover every idea, decision, tool, and technique used throughout their journey.
Vulnerable & Open
At Studio, creators step into the vulnerable arena and share everything. Every idea, setback, and triumph is included. Creators openly share the full process, not just the final output.
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On Studio, accessing the world’s guarded knowledge has never been easier. Creators share their secrets, tips and tricks that are impossible to find elsewhere.
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Unlimited Lifetime Access
On Studio, you get unlimited lifetime access to every class you purchase. Pay once and use your class lessons as valuable references forever.

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What’s included:

  • include icon

    In-depth video lessons (7h 15m)

  • include icon

    Step-by-step curriculum

  • include icon

    Online and at your own pace

  • include icon

    Watch on all devices

  • include icon

    Unlimited lifetime access

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