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Tony Perry@tonyinnyc

“Before Studio, it had been 15 years since I’d written anything.

I feel like Studio has put a defibrillator onto my songwriting and I am so grateful!

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Maria Harseim@maria-harseim

Studio has been one of the best discoveries ever. Your platform is amazing; fun, enjoyable and so incredibly useful.

I’ve never been one to use platforms like these too much, but yours just blew my mind.

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Sam Holland@samhollandyoutube

“Seeing how the best practitioners do things is really valuable. If you want to learn from the best practitioners currently in the game, then definitely check out Studio.

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Thomas McMinn@thomas.mcminn

In Studio I learned the behind-the-scenes — how to edit, how to add music, how to do cuts like Casey, and really just get that inside perspective. At the end you’re going to have two fantastic videos you can share with your friends and the world.

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Ben Perks@therealbenperks

Studio has exceeded my expectations in all ways imaginable.

Some of the most fun days I’ve had as a music producer have been in the Studio platform!”

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Katarzyna Bek@katarzyna-bek

Studio has really been a huge part of my life. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had!

I leave Studio classes feeling exciting, and happy, and motivated. I see a huge change in my music - really a lot can change in even a month.”