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Snackable Baking: Design Your Own Bite-Sized Desserts

Learn everything you need to expand your baking repertoire with snackable desserts — small, sweet, and delicious creations. In this class, Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi takes you into her studio and teaches you her step-by-step recipe development process — the same process she uses with her team at Milk Bar. Finish the class with 3 classic Milk Bar recipes, 3 original recipes of your own, and an arsenal of creative baking skills.

What’s included:

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    In-depth video lessons (5h 32m)

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    Step-by-step curriculum

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    Online and at your own pace

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Taught by

Profile picture for Christina Tosi
Founder of Milk Bar. James Beard award-winning chef. NYT best-selling cookbook author. Featured on Chef’s Table & MasterChef. Known for her inventive and nostalgic recipes.
What you’ll learn
Baking Fundamentals
Controlling Flavor, Texture, and Shape
Building an Intuitive Understanding of Ingredients
Recipe Inspiration and Flavor Story
Assembly and Final Preparation
Substitutions and Improvisation
Advanced Techniques and Principles
Prototyping, Creativity, and Iteration
How To Get The Most Out of Your Home Kitchen
Precise Measuring, Creaming, and Baking
The Science of Snaps, Cups, and Cake Truffles

Lessons (23)

Who’s this class for?

You’re a fan of Christina Tosi and are curious to see what happens behind the scenes. You’re looking for inspiration and access to a world you normally can’t see.


You want to learn exactly how Christina Tosi does what she does. Watch her real, start-to-finish process, including how she navigates every decision, setback, and more.


You want to know all of Christina Tosi’s insider secrets — the exact tools and techniques she uses, her hard-won lessons, and well-guarded industry secrets.

What students have to say about the class
Profile picture for Nina Guha
Nina Guha

I enjoyed learning in depth about baking from Christina. She broke everything down and made it so easy to understand. This will stay with me for life!

Profile picture for Nancy Dubiell
Nancy Dubiell

Christina's very clear, very detailed explanations of her thoughts and the science behind her techniques opened my mind to new levels of baking! My latest recipes are light-years beyond previous baking efforts.

Profile picture for Cara Kurtz
Cara Kurtz

Christina really broke down the process into easy to understand steps. She is a fantastic teacher and so fun to have in your kitchen baking with you!

Profile picture for Rosemary McCarthy
Rosemary McCarthy

I can truly say that this was such an informative learning experience. Christina empowers one to use their imagination and try new things.

Becki Johnson

The best part was watching Christine explain, in detail, how to create unique desserts based on memories. Seeing how she tweaks and tweaks until she gets the correct flavor profile. Baking alongside her was so much fun.

Profile picture for Nik Cutno
Nik Cutno

I really enjoyed getting inside the creative mind of Christina Tosi. Learning her process and gaining insight on the R&D process Milk Bar uses helped spark creativity I didn't know I had.

Anne Ostroff

The whole experience was very positive. The best part was being able to learn from Christina who is such an extraordinary pastry chef. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn her techniques and creative process.

Profile picture for Deborah Baxter
Deborah Baxter

I never thought I would be able to develop my own recipes and the step by step process we learned to do this was incredible. So innovative.

Profile picture for Mariana Angeles
Mariana Angeles

The content was very detailed and well explained. I also really liked seeing that Christina really set everything up in front of us and even saw some common mistakes that happen live, and I think that's really positive as it's more genuine content.

Profile picture for Mercy Meo
Mercy Meo

Overall, I’ve learned a TON! The best part is knowing that if there’s a cookie I’m craving, I can figure out my own way. I learned the why and the how.

Profile picture for Mike Plumton
Mike Plumton

After this class, I have a new confidence — a new sense of curiosity. I gained insight that I didn't realize I was missing!

Liz Cohen

Learning the reasons why things are done in a certain way like flour to sugar/butter ratios, length of mixing times, etc. That will help in my long term understanding and baking.

Profile picture for Marina Puddell
Marina Puddell

Watching Christina's videos, I felt so engaged, like I was right there with her. She is the best! So funny, relatable and encouraging!

Profile picture for Joy Phillips
Joy Phillips

I learned SOOO much and feel like I am walking away with recipe creation skills I will continue to use (and build on) for the rest of my life.

Profile picture for Caitlyn Schock
Caitlyn Schock

I learned so much and most of all, it taught me that I, too, can develop my own recipes.

Kellie Shinsato

I already feel so much more confident in baking and I'm truly looking forward to continue baking and see what I come up with in the future!

Profile picture for Lucas Hough
Lucas Hough

I loved the clear way that Christina approached her style of baking. It made me more confident and allows me to be more creative than I thought I could be.

Profile picture for Corin Buffington
Corin Buffington

Thank you Christina, my mind has been blown several times during this process 🍪 🥧 🎂

Profile picture for Christina Tosi
Profile picture for Christina Tosi
meet your instructor
Christina Tosi

Christina Tosi is the rule-breaking, award-winning chef and founder of Milk Bar, whose inventive and nostalgic treats have fueled a national dessert empire with 16 locations across the USA and products in grocery stores nationwide. Whether on Chef's Table, Master Chef, or social media, you'll often find Christina baking delicious pastries with enthusiasm and precision. Christina studied Math and continued her education at the French Culinary Institute. Christina is the author of three best-selling cookbooks.

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What’s included:

  • include icon

    In-depth video lessons (5h 32m)

  • include icon

    Step-by-step curriculum

  • include icon

    Online and at your own pace

  • include icon

    Watch on all devices

  • include icon

    Unlimited lifetime access

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