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Electronic Music Production: Produce Festival-Ready EDM Tracks From Start To Finish

Learn everything you need to produce your own EDM tracks like Kygo. In this class, multi-platinum producer Kygo takes you into his studio and teaches you his complete EDM production process. Follow along as he produces 2 brand new songs from start to finish, right in front of you, explaining every idea, decision, tool, and technique along the way.

What’s included:

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    In-depth video lessons (10h 30m)

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    Step-by-step curriculum

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    Online and at your own pace

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Taught by

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Internationally acclaimed DJ & music producer. Fastest artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify. Pioneered a new genre of electronic music. Has headlined Coachella & Olympics.
What you’ll learn
Production Fundamentals
Selecting and Deconstructing Demos
Sounds, Synths, Samples, and Plugins
Vocal Chops and Manipulation
Writing Drum, Bass, Synth & Piano Parts
EQ, Reverb, Sidechaining, and More FX
Sweeps, Risers, Reverses, and Fills
Song Structure and Arrangement
Automation and Advanced Techniques
Layering, Composition, Sound Selection
Powerful Drops and Catchy Melodies
Controlling Energy and Momentum
Kygo's Experimentation Process
Mixing, Mastering, and Polishing Tracks

Class Overview

Learn all of Kygo’s production secrets
At 22, Kygo started posting remixes to SoundCloud from his bedroom. Two years later, he became the fastest artist to reach 1 billion streams on Spotify, still all from his bedroom. With just a computer and MIDI keyboard, Kygo has managed to produce some of the biggest dance songs of all time and become synonymous with the genre he pioneered. In this class, Kygo teaches you everything he knows about producing EDM music, so you can produce your own festival-ready tracks, also from your bedroom. During class, Kygo brings you into his studio and shares with you his entire creative process from start to finish. You’ll follow along with Kygo as he produces two brand new songs completely from scratch, starting from how he finds his initial ideas, all the way through clicking export on finished, mixed and mastered tracks. For the first song of class, Kygo shows how he produces a track with a tropical synth lead in the drop, similar to his songs “Firestone”, “Stole the Show”, etc. In the process, you’ll learn Kygo’s systematic, step-by-step production process – the same process he follows for every song he produces. For the second song of class, Kygo dives deep into vocal chops and vocal manipulation. He shows how he produces a track with vocal chops in the drop, like his songs “Higher Love”, “It Ain’t Me”, “Freedom”, etc. You’ll learn Kygo’s signature vocal chop techniques and best practices. Along the way, Kygo explains everything that he’s doing and thinking in detail — every idea, decision, tool, and technique. By the end of the class, you’ll know everything you need to write and produce hit songs of your own. You’ll develop a complete hit-making toolkit that you can use for the rest of your creative life.

Lessons (17)

Apply what you learn

Produce your own festival-ready EDM songs, step by step

In the class, Kygo breaks down his EDM production process into clear, actionable steps. Follow along with Kygo’s process step by step and produce your own festival-ready songs. You can also watch Kygo’s process in full first and then bring the ideas, tools, and techniques into your own projects. By following Kygo’s proven process, you’ll learn everything you need to produce songs like this:

Who’s this class for?

You’re a fan of Kygo and are curious to see what happens behind the scenes. You’re looking for inspiration and access to a world you normally can’t see.


You want to learn exactly how Kygo does what he does. Watch his real, start-to-finish process, including how he navigates every decision, setback, and more.


You want to know all of Kygo’s insider secrets — the exact tools and techniques he uses, his hard-won lessons, and well-guarded industry secrets.

4.91 (426 reviews)
John Byrne

I pulled so many tips and tricks from this class. I loved how Kygo shared his music writing process — this is something I've been looking for for years. He also took his time and explained things thoroughly.

Profile picture for Chris S
Chris S

Being able to learn directly from an accomplished music producer, seeing him actually do the work and explaining how and why he does a particular thing - it's like being in the same room with him, looking over his shoulders. That's priceless to me. I learned quite a bit from this class.

Profile picture for Eron Zehavi
Eron Zehavi

I loved being able to essentially sit over the shoulder and watch the detail of a masterful creator as he goes through his creation process and talks his way through it!

Profile picture for Andre Winaldy
Andre Winaldy

Finally I feel like I have the tools, I have the process, I have the confidence to create the music I've always wanted.

Profile picture for Nanne Adriaans
Nanne Adriaans

I feel like I have learned a lot from one of the real masters and I’ve definitely upgraded my skills to be a better music producer now. I’m really happy with that! :)

Profile picture for Ben Perks
Ben Perks

Kygo was a huge inspiration and super fun. Some of the most fun I've had as a music producer!

Amaan Burch

Very good video lessons, showing exactly what to use and when. Easy to apply on your own projects.

Profile picture for Oscar Haidari
Oscar Haidari

I have spent so much time trying to figure out midi controllers and music software. Within two days of this class I knew how everything worked.

Profile picture for Simon Kobel
Simon Kobel

I've never learned so much about music and production in such a short time.

Profile picture for Marvin Ma
Marvin Ma

One thing that I enjoyed a lot was following along with Kygo's production steps and creating my own music.

Profile picture for Eddie Kiaulakis
Eddie Kiaulakis

It was great how easy and well explained Kygo sessions are. Very easy to follow along.

Profile picture for Jonathan Snowdon
Jonathan Snowdon

I was very impressed by how thorough and detailed Kygo was in his process, it's great for experts and beginners.

Profile picture for Christopher Condo Loja
Christopher Condo Loja

This experience has been so eye-opening and inspirational for me.

Profile picture for Trey Randol
Trey Randol

Loved being able to watch the process. This has already helped me immensely!

Profile picture for Kygo
Profile picture for Kygo
meet your instructor

In 2015, Norwegian producer Kygo became the quickest artist ever to reach 1 billion Spotify streams. Since then, his bold remixes and dynamic original hits have only continued to grow his following worldwide. Kygo has released multiplatinum hits, headlined festivals across the globe, and performed everywhere from Coachella to the Olympic closing ceremonies. His work defines the EDM genre.

A better kind of online class
Apprenticeship-Style Learning ™
In Studio Classes, creators take you into their studios and teach you everything they actually do behind the scenes. Learn by observing the real process like an apprentice.
The Start-To-Finish Process
Instead of watching surface level tutorials, watch the entire start-to-finish process of a creator to uncover every idea, decision, tool, and technique used throughout their journey.
Vulnerable & Open
At Studio, creators step into the vulnerable arena and share everything. Every idea, setback, and triumph is included. Creators openly share the full process, not just the final output.
Learn Insider Secrets
On Studio, accessing the world’s guarded knowledge has never been easier. Creators share their secrets, tips and tricks that are impossible to find elsewhere.
Watch On All Devices
Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll always have access to all your class lessons across all of your devices including mobile and tablets.
Unlimited Lifetime Access
On Studio, you get unlimited lifetime access to every class you purchase. Pay once and use your class lessons as valuable references forever.

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What’s included:

  • include icon

    In-depth video lessons (10h 30m)

  • include icon

    Step-by-step curriculum

  • include icon

    Online and at your own pace

  • include icon

    Watch on all devices

  • include icon

    Unlimited lifetime access

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