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Creative Engineering: Bring Your Creative Ideas To Life With Science & Engineering

Learn everything you need to build your own creative inventions like Mark Rober. In this class, Mark Rober takes you into his studio and teaches you his complete engineering process — the same process he’s used at NASA, at Apple, and to make his YouTube videos. Follow along as he brainstorms, designs, and builds 3 brand new inventions from start to finish, right in front of you, explaining all the engineering and science along the way.

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    In-depth video lessons (13h 10m)

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    Step-by-step curriculum

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    Online and at your own pace

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Taught by

Profile picture for Mark Rober
Former NASA engineer & YouTuber with 23 million subscribers and over 3 billion views on his creative engineering videos. The #1 STEM educator in the world.
What you’ll learn
The Engineering Design Process
Creativity and Coming Up with Ideas
Materials and Build Techniques
Principles of Mechanical Engineering
Pneumatics, Springs, Motors, Solenoids, and Advanced Tools
Electrical Circuits and Components
Accelerometers, Light Sensors, and Sound Sensors
Controlling LEDS, Servo Motors, and More Effectors
Programming on Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Research and Exploring Design Options
Computer Vision and Custom Code
Prototyping and Testing Designs
Designing and Running Experiments
Telling the Story of Your Build

Class Overview

Learn Mark Rober’s complete engineering process
While many know Mark Rober as the wildly popular YouTuber and the world’s #1 STEM educator, Mark spent the first decade of his career as an engineer at NASA working on the Mars Curiosity Rover and at Apple working on advanced technologies like VR and self-driving cars. With this expertise, combined with his unmatched creativity, Mark has dreamt up and built some of the world’s most creative inventions. He’s built an Automatic Bullseye Dartboard, a Rocket Powered Golf Club, the World's Largest Super Soaker, a Glitter Bomb Package to stop porch pirates, a Playing Card Machine Gun, an Automatic Strike Bowling Ball, a Ninja Squirrel Obstacle Course, and a whole lot more. For the past 12 years, Mark has shared these creative engineering projects to YouTube, now to over 23 million subscribers and over 3 billion views, helping millions of people around the world discover the power of science and engineering. In this class, Mark Rober teaches you everything he knows, so you too can use science and engineering to bring your own creative ideas to life. During class, Mark brings you into his studio and shares with you his entire creative engineering process from start to finish. Follow along with Mark as he brainstorms, designs, and builds three brand new creative inventions completely from scratch, starting from how he finds his viral build ideas, all the way through bringing the final builds to life. For the first build of class, Mark introduces his proven, step-by-step engineering design process – Brainstorm, Research, Prototype, Final Build — and teaches each step in detail. This first build focuses on mechanical engineering and is related in some way to the category of food. Follow along with Mark to create your own food-related build, whether that's a machine that cooks you breakfast at push of a button, a device to more quickly cut your vegetables; or anything else you can dream up! For the second build of class, Mark dives deep into electrical engineering, including how to use an Arduino microcontroller. You’ll learn how to build electrical circuits, utilize sensors, and control effectors to create your own electronics. Even if you don’t have any experience with electronics or coding, you’ll be able to follow along and create your own electronic inventions. This time, builds will be within the category of art. For the third build of class, Mark teaches his most advanced engineering methods, including Raspberry Pi, custom printed circuit boards, 3D design in CAD, 3D printing, thermal engineering, and much more. Using these tools, Mark creates a build in the category of habits. You can follow along to build something that enforces a good habit or helps you break a bad habit. Along the way, Mark explains everything that he’s doing and thinking in detail — every idea, decision, tool, and technique. There’s no where else you can get this level of intimate access to Mark Rober’s brain and process. By the end of the class, you’ll know everything you need to bring your own creative inventions to life. You’ll develop a complete engineering toolkit that you can use for the rest of your life.

Lessons (16)

Apply what you learn

Build your own creative inventions, step by step

In the class, Mark Rober breaks down his engineering process into clear, actionable steps. Follow along with Mark Rober’s process step by step and build your own creative inventions. By following Mark Rober’s proven process, you’ll learn everything you need to build inventions like Mark’s Glitterbomb, Ninja Squirrel Obstacle Course, Automatic Bullseye Dartboard, Rocket Powered Golf Club, the World's Largest Super Soaker, Automatic Strike Bowling Ball, and a whole lot more:

Who’s this class for?

You’re a fan of Mark Rober and are curious to see what happens behind the scenes. You’re looking for inspiration and access to a world you normally can’t see.


You want to learn exactly how Mark Rober does what he does. Watch his real, start-to-finish process, including how he navigates every decision, setback, and more.


You want to know all of Mark Rober’s insider secrets — the exact tools and techniques he uses, his hard-won lessons, and well-guarded industry secrets.

4.73 (1683 reviews)
Profile picture for Mike Metzger
Mike Metzger

Incredibly practical and accessible. Mark is a genius at distilling things down and clearly differentiating between critical, secondary, and "nice to have." Equal to that is his ability to demonstrate and explain. I've never learned so much so fast! Thanks Mark!

Kathy Rutherford

I learned a phenomenal amount... sooooo inspiring and insightful! My thought process and design muscles are light years ahead of where I was. A really great experience for me!

Profile picture for Nebojsa Kolaric
Nebojsa Kolaric

Mark is just the best in explaining and sharing his knowledge. His information is so helpful and he doesn't want to keep anything to himself, he shares everything that's what I like about him and about this class.

Profile picture for Joah Lewis
Joah Lewis

I have been watching Mark Rober for some time now and I have always been fascinated by him. Even though I had no idea how he did what he was doing I wanted to be just like him and now how he does it. This class is making my dreams come true.

Tommy Warren

Well above what I was expecting. The way Mark breaks down the engineering process, it really helps you to become a better engineer/builder. It's very evident that he put a lot of time and thought into this course.

Profile picture for Silvia Oliveros
Silvia Oliveros

Mark, thank you so much! This class was amazing and your passion is contagious! Can't wait to see where this journey takes me.

Profile picture for Dylan Rauseo
Dylan Rauseo

I loved the class. It was so much fun and I had a great time learning the engineering design process!

Profile picture for Vicente Fones
Vicente Fones

This has really inspired me and set me on a path towards engineering as my future, so thank you, Mark, for allowing that to happen.

Jonathan Purdy

I took this class to see a different way of doing the stuff that I do already. I didn't expect to learn something completely new, and yet I did. I really enjoyed it.

Dustin Straw

I loved hearing Mark's insight on his creative process. He was a great teacher in that he explained his thoughts very well.

Profile picture for Fred Smith
Fred Smith

I really enjoyed Mark's way of teaching and peeking behind the curtain of how his builds are made and how he creates the story of his videos.

Izzy Banham-Hall

I liked learning Mark Rober's approach to engineering and seeing how he develops his projects in more detail than you get from his YouTube videos.

Profile picture for Howard Rigberg
Howard Rigberg

I was able to learn about techniques and approaches to engineering that I had never known before. I feel much more empowered to create things now.

Profile picture for Rylan Peebles
Rylan Peebles

The #1 thing I got from this was motivation to do builds again! I feel so excited about this again, and that is 100% because of this experience. So THANK YOU for that.


Mark Rober explained everything in so much depth! I felt fully immersed.

Profile picture for Mark Rober
Profile picture for Mark Rober
meet your instructor
Mark Rober

Mark Rober is an inventor and a former Apple & NASA engineer, where he spent 7 years working on the Curiosity rover. You may know him from his YouTube channel, where he has 2.6 billion views and over 21 million subscribers. His long list of extraordinary creations includes an automatic-bullseye dartboard, a glitter bomb package thief trap, and a rocket-powered golf club. He's gone swimming with sharks, shared meatless burgers with Bill Gates, and built April Fools' Day pranks with Jimmy Kimmel—all in the name of science.

A better kind of online class
Apprenticeship-Style Learning ™
In Studio Classes, creators take you into their studios and teach you everything they actually do behind the scenes. Learn by observing the real process like an apprentice.
The Start-To-Finish Process
Instead of watching surface level tutorials, watch the entire start-to-finish process of a creator to uncover every idea, decision, tool, and technique used throughout their journey.
Vulnerable & Open
At Studio, creators step into the vulnerable arena and share everything. Every idea, setback, and triumph is included. Creators openly share the full process, not just the final output.
Learn Insider Secrets
On Studio, accessing the world’s guarded knowledge has never been easier. Creators share their secrets, tips and tricks that are impossible to find elsewhere.
Watch On All Devices
Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll always have access to all your class lessons across all of your devices including mobile and tablets.
Unlimited Lifetime Access
On Studio, you get unlimited lifetime access to every class you purchase. Pay once and use your class lessons as valuable references forever.

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What’s included:

  • include icon

    In-depth video lessons (13h 10m)

  • include icon

    Step-by-step curriculum

  • include icon

    Online and at your own pace

  • include icon

    Watch on all devices

  • include icon

    Unlimited lifetime access

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